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How Does Your Garden Grow – Top Tips on Using Bark Mulch Delivery

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How Does Your Garden Grow – Top Tips on Using Bark Mulch

When the soil isn’t favorable for your plants, the best thing you can do is call for bark mulch delivery. Here are some tips to help you make the most of this material to ensure healthy growth for your plants.

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  • Choose The Bark Mulch Wisely: A lot of varieties of bark mulch are available in the market. Choose the quality and texture according to factors such as purpose of mulching and availability. Dyed mulch may be preferable for aesthetic purposes, but slow discoloration may cause inconsistency in texture and landscaping.
  • Preparation of soil prior mulching: It is important to make sure that the soil is free of weeds. Weeds can be removed from the by soil blowers in Vancouver, Surrey and Langley. Installations of borders are a good idea when using bark mulch blower to hold the bark mulch in its place after the bark mulch has been delivered.
  • Bark Mulch Delivery: Bark mulch is available for free sometimes, although it is advisable to get good quality bark mulch delivered in Vancouver, Barnaby, Richmond and other places across Western Canada. The services may also include spreading the mulch with bark mulch blowers for consistent soil coverage.
  • Thickness of Coverage: The mulch should be preferably be between 2 and 4 inches in thickness for accurate moisture retention. Avoid mulching too close to the trees and shrubs allowing the soil near the plants to breath.
  • Bark Mulch Equipment: Professional mulch installers and landscapers use bark mulch blowers instead of simply raking the bark mulch manually. Bark mulch blowers used in Langley, Vancouver and Surrey are efficient for an evenly spread coverage over the soil and are much preferred in these regions
  • Remove Mulching: from the area and then use a rake for planting new shrubs or trees.
  • Re-mulching: Bark mulches are organic and over time they tend to decompose and hence should be re-mulched over a few years for continuous retention of the nutrition and moisture in soil.
  • Taking care of stored mulch material: For excess material, it is recommended to spread the mulch out to avoid decomposition or souring.

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Bark mulch usage assures the purpose of conserving moisture in the soil, preventing weeds from growing and also control the temperature of the soil along with its presentable looks when evenly spread with soil and bark mulch blowers.

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