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How to Maximize Your Backyard Space

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Peony Border in Mottisfont Abbey Gardens

Your front yard space may be where your green grass grows, but the backyard is often a multi-functional space. Whether your ideal backyard is a sanctuary for relaxation, entertaining for adults, a playground for the young ones, or a garden plot of your own personal produce …knowing what you most desire out of the function of your backyard is your first step.

Often homeowners make the mistake of slapping a patio down here, and a garden border there, and don’t fully utilize their space or take the time to plan the appropriate usage of their space.

At Triple Five Quality Wood, we suggest you consider the space holistically, from how you want to use the yard, to how much time you want to spend working in it.

If you don’t feel you have a lot of time to spare for yard work, utilizing organic mulch to cover a large portion of your yard is a great way to create a clean space, minimize mowing and weeding, and even alleviate allergy concerns.


Consider what you want out of the yard — a playground for your children cushioned with bark mulch, a cozy retreat free of allergens, or perhaps an entertaining patio. Consider what materials you like — brick pavers, waterfalls, sustainable plants. All of which can benefit from the use of bark mulch.


Take a walk around your property and consider what you like and don’t like about your space. Consider holding on to the 100-year-old oak tree, but let go of the sagging deck.

Create Inside The Lines…

Your city or homeowner’s association may have specific regulations, like maximum fence height, or projects that require permits. If fruit trees and chickens are part of your future backyard space – know before you grow. What are the specific parameters?

Get It Right – Write It Out…

Designers often draw bubbles to represent generic spaces like a patio, playground, garage or pool, then link the bubbles together with pathways, lawn areas and gardens. It’s a written layout of your mind-mapping ideas.

Step By Step…

Your new space doesn’t need to be executed in it’s entirety the second you are finished planning. Take baby steps. Again, you are better off creating your PERFECT space over a two-year time span, then a slapped-together plot of land over a long weekend in May.

Work on one area at a time, but make sure you are always thinking ahead. If you are redoing the patio and eventually want to have an outdoor gas range – don’t wait to install the gas hookup. It’s definitely more cost-effective to do this when the ground is already dug up.

Most importantly – have fun! Your outdoor space is your safe haven and outdoor home. Have fun with it, take your time …and enjoy 🙂

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