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The Benefits of Terraseeding

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TerraSeeding Seeding is hard work. And, to be quite frank, it’s often miserable work, too. Terra-seeding, though often under-appreciated by novice or amateur lawn and garden enthusiasts, is perfect for saving you time – and for saving your lawn or garden along the way. It’s one of those things that doesn’t appear to have a downside.

Basically, terra-seeding involves planting seeds instead of leaving them exposed on the surface. It is all about the carefully calibrated injection of seed, fertilizer, or other granular additives straight into the blow stream. If you are using an Express Blower, you are ensuring the consistent and uniform application of soil mix, fertilizer and grass seed without the onerous burdens associated with dragging around a wheelbarrow, level and rake while you do it by hand. Terra-seeding saves time, saves your back, and reduces the damage that comes with hefting heavy wheelbarrows over delicate landscapes. It’s a time-saver, lawn-saver, and back-saver.

Terra-seeding does more than just evenly insert seeds into the earth. Because of the aforementioned soil and fertilizer mixes, germination is bolstered because of the warmth and moisture of the seed in the soil. With “blown-in” applications or features, rough grades of sub-soil can be turned into a smooth finished layer. Since terra-seeding can be done quickly, it now becomes possible to seed large swathes of land instead of confining yourself to a few modest plots, here and there.

If the above doesn’t excite you, then there’s more that terra-seeding offers that more conventional forms of seeding don’t. Lawn and garden specialists note that terra-seeding can be used as a soil amendment to break down soils that happen to be comprised of clay. It accelerates germination and speeds up application, which gives you more time to devote your energies to other tasks or pursuits. Terra-seeding, quite frankly, is the twenty-first century way of doing an age-old task.

TerraSeedSince it is so fast and convenient to use, terra-seeding can work on a whole host of landscape surfaces. It can be used for sporting field turf and for golf courses. It can be used for wildflower seed installation for native landscapes. And, if you want to achieve a sediment-control berm or an erosion-control blanket, then terra-seeding is the perfect tool. Thanks to the manner in which terra-seeding delivery systems finish the subsoil, optimal drainage is practically guaranteed. And, by saving your back, terra-seeding also saves you the kind of ancillary expenses – such as a trip to the doctor’s office – that you’d otherwise have to shoulder. Terra-seeding is the new wave, and it’s arrived not a moment too soon.

In the end, terra-seeding benefits everyone and everything. The damage caused by wheelbarrows and manual planting can result in complications that might last for years – or at least until you engage in some very serious (and costly) refurbishing of your lawn or garden. Because manual plantation doesn’t offer the same insulation for seeds as terra-seeding, the risk is great that many of them will be carried off before they even have a chance to flourish. Inevitably, that’s going to cost you time and money while undermining the curb appeal and aesthetics of your lawn or garden. Lastly, without terra-seeding, drainage issues suddenly push their way front and center. Bad drainage means damage – maybe even irreversible damage – as well as added cost and more headaches. Save yourself the worry and the trouble; consider terra-seeding as you plot how you can make your front lawn the envy of the neighbourhood. For less cost and a fraction of the time, you can fortify your property and make your lawn a positive focal point.