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How to Increase Curb Appeal of your Home

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Its been said a million times, and it is never truer than when it comes to your home. Whether you are sprucing up for a mortgage, to sell your home, these tips will help you make a big impression curb appeal.

Start With a Clean Up

When creating a work of art
you start with a clean canvas. Likewise, when landscaping and refinishing your home, a pristine space is a much better starting point, as it allows better study and planning.

Take these simple steps to get exiting elements in tip top shape.

  • Clean (or power wash) siding, gutters, porches, and doors.
  • Clean window glass.
  • Tidy trees, bushes and shrubs by cutting them back to more manageable sizes.
  • Mow and manicure your lawn and trim all edges to a tidy finish.
  • Revitalize grass and replant or cover dry, dead patches.

Planning Your Masterpiece

Once you have a blank space, take an honest look at your property. Survey the site and note where you have sun or shade, areas that look empty, and any other elements that need attention.

Your property should have a focal point. Decide where you would like attention drawn and accent around this point. Your property will also look more cohesive if you choose colours and a style.

Give Your House a FaceliftBeautiful home

Is home beginning to show it’s age? A dated home that seems to lack care will lose value quickly. Give it a lift by renewing and upgrading key features.

Re-paint or re-side your home covers the largest surface on your house with a crisp new covering. Coat your trim, deck and other wood elements as well to banish staleness.

Your roof is a large commitment, and keeping it in good condition protects your home as well and enhancing it’s looks. Clean and have any needed repairs done for a large boost.

Driveways and paths tend to wear quickly, and because we simply walk on them, they often go unnoticed. Restoring your driveway can be as simple as fixing damage and stained or covered. Pathways can be treated the same way, or can be filled in or re paved easily.

If you have a large garage or garage door, it can be used as a large accent point by adding colour and design or buying a door with visual appeal. Ensure it is mended and in good repair.

Add Structure to Your Landscape

If your yard seems to be a large expanse with not enough in it, or lacks shape, some hardscaping to add structure if what you need. Garden walls and stone edging add contours to otherwise plain areas, and building up planters and pots add character quickly.

Vertical components like railings and fencing also give you a great focal point to plant around.

Accents to Catch the Eye

While the large pieces are important, it is the smaller accents that will be memorable. Try adding a pathway winding to your back yard, and light sidewalk, paths and landscape with solar lights. Add a touch -or a lot- of colour by adding new beds and planting lots of bright flowers. Living things are attractive and welcoming.

Impress people before they pass your driveway with a new mailbox. Think outside the box and go for something striking. Invite people to your home with a new, appealing door, or a coat of bright paint. Replace the hardware around your home – door handles, knocker and light fixtures should all stand out -while matching. Announce yourself with large or creative house numbers.

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