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Top 5 DIY Landscaping Ideas

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Landscaping Ideas

Sometimes it seems that the upgrades for your property never end, and endless buying of products or hiring of professionals gets you no closer to a result that is uniquely you -though it does drain your wallet.These ideas for your next project appeal to a wide audience, and a range of skill levels.

Around the Fire

There is no greater gathering place in the backyard than a cozy group of seats around a crackling fire. Both above and in-ground options are available ready made and simply need to be installed. If you like to get more involved you can build one yourself by, shaping and designing it however you like. Just ensure you meet local fire regulations and safety standards.

For a polished look -and an ambitious DIYer- consider a fire pit built into the center of a larger patio. Brick and other stone are popular choices. Some people like to add a table-like lip to the edge of the fire pit to place marshmallows, or add an optional grate for cooking. Others sink the entire patio and edge it for style.

Space to Grow

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to make a big impact on your landscape is to add visual appeal with a garden bed. Whether you have small beds that would be more dramatic changed, or you want to add a whole new bed, it is easy to do this yourself.

First decide whether you would like your beds raised or level with the ground. If you choose raised, use an edging material that lasts and matches other elements of your home. For the cleanest lines, mark off the area before you begin to dig or place stones. Fill your gardens with a good mixed soil and attention grabbing plants. Using a thin mulch layer on top can help conserve moisture and reduce weeding and watering.

The Path You Choose

A winding path through the garden or a sidewalk from garage to front door. Walkways are practical, keep your shoes clean and your grass alive, and just look pretty. Consider how much traffic the path will get and whether you would like it to hold up to wheelbarrows or heavy carrying. You can choose from pebbled, mulch filled, made of paving stones, or bricked. You can even make custom paving stones with handprints or other meaningful embellishments. Ensure you level the ground well, especially if you have flat stones. Investigate laying weed inhibitors under your walkway before you start, and fill gaps between stones with mortar or sand to minimize shifting.

Green Space

A highly creative, and wholly do-it-yourself addition to a landscape, a trellised arbor or pergola will bring green life to your backyard. For a unique feel, create the entire dome of trellis and let the climbers grow lush, leaving only the door opening. You will be rewarded with a lovely green hideout or reading nook. Choose quick climbers with showy flowers or a fragrant scent for even more appeal.

Featuring Water

A water feature brings a wealth of visual appeal, interest, and relaxation to your space, but it can take a more experienced DIYer to create. For an ambitious but manageable task, try a simple stacked stone waterfall. You can purchase complete sets of fountain basics, including the pump and hoses, from home supply stores. From there all you need is some instructions, inspiration, and willpower.

Undertaking a do-it-yourself project for your backyard is ambitious, but it ensures you a result that reflects your unique personality and that you will be much more proud of when your guests admire it.

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