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‘Must Have’ Outdoor Furniture this Summer

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The days of lawn chairs and picnic tables are past, and people want outdoor living areas they can lounge in. These backyard must-haves will set you apart from the neighbors.

Getting Comfortable

Your outdoor living areas should be designed with en emphasis on comfort and should feel like an extension of your interior design. Arranging outdoor rooms and areas like you would your home helps guests feel inclined to sit and relax.

Give your guests a pace to settle in with any of these options:

  • A big outdoor couch with plush cushions and a few chairs give a traditional family rooms feel.
  • A chic grouping of three to five armchairs is modern and allows people to spread out.
  • L-shaped or modular sectional couches come in a large range of shaped and sizes and can be rearranged according to the needs of the day.
  • Provide plenty of interesting tables for people to place snacks and drinks, and make sure they are within easy reach of the seating.
  • Ottomans raise the style and comfort level, and make outdoor areas even more homey.

Eat and be Merry

Backyard cookouts make outdoor dining areas among the most used, and to run smoothly they require a certain level of function in addition to comfort.

  • Choose a sturdy table that is not easily tipped.
  • Consider your target. If you are planning primarily to sit out for dinner dates, a small table will be more romantic. For backyard barbeques, a larger table will be needed to meet your needs better.
  • An attractive extendable table will allow you to adjust your table size for an intimate group of friends or a larger party.
  • Choose comfortable chairs that people will not mind sitting in for longer periods to facilitate social eating. A solidly built chair with a comfortable seat is perfect.
  • Don’t forget the cook. Whether it’s a full outdoor kitchen and dishwasher or a backyard grill with a strategically placed worktop, make your cooking area efficient and attractive.

Cozy Corners

Modern Outdoor Furniture

Intimate seating in quiet areas allow people to seek private conversation, or a place to unwind in solitude.

  • A classic loveseat or bench under a shady tree never gets old. Angle it for a little privacy.
  • Swings or swing seats appeal to the child in all of us, no matter our age.
  • The ultimate in relaxation, a swinging bed or hammock in a quiet spot is the perfect place to decompress.


A less glamorous and often overlooked part of a living area is someplace to neatly store items out of sight.

  • A storage bench does double duty and doesn’t look as simple and practical as some other storage
  • A cupboard, food cart or pantry is the perfect place to store all your barbeque items out of the weather.


The best planned rooms always have a decorative focal point, and that should hold true for outdoor rooms as well.

  • Fire casts warmth, light and ambiance. Candles, torches and self contained fire bowls are features people will gather around. Build a fire pit for all night fun. Check local regulations before starting.
  • Water is equally fascinating- try a small fountain or pond. If you have a pool or children, invest in a simple outdoor shower or splash pad.
  • Entertainment is what calls your guests. A projector theater or outdoor game area will be just the thing.

Don’t Forget

  • Throw pillows and area rugs pull together your furniture to look like a room.
  • Shade from umbrella, cabanas, or trellises will be a welcome respite from the sun.
  • Add plenty of lighting to get you through the night.

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