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Bark Mulch Delivery Services by Triple Five Quality Wood

At Triple Five, we pride ourselves in providing the best quality bark mulch at competitive prices. With its great smell and attractive colour, our bark mulch will beautify your outdoor landscape while providing the warmth and moisture retention your plants need. Using bark mulch keeps your garden low-maintenance by reducing fuel, water, and plant food costs. If you would like a nutrient-rich, beautiful, and environmentally friendly addition to your garden, bark mulch is an excellent choice!

Most Popular Types of Bark Mulch

Our most popular bark mulch is our Hemlock Fir 1″. Its colour varies from a gorgeous dark brown to a warm terracotta, and will instantly boost the appearance of your space. It provides all the benefits of our other bark mulches while being practically sliver-free and giving your garden a look of luxury.

Bark Mulch Applications

If you have any concerns about the application of your bark mulch, let us put your mind at rest! We are installation experts, with years of experience in applying bark mulch quickly and effortlessly. We use a remote control technology to control the mulch output – this ensures your delicate flowers are protected while allowing us quick application in open areas. Furthermore, we can apply approximately 100 cubic metres of mulch daily per truck, and with the use of multiple trucks we can get even the biggest jobs done efficiently!

Last Import - 01Benefits of Bark Mulch:

  • Helps soil retain moisture, thereby reducing water costs by 25-50%
  • Reduces weed growth, freeing up water and nutrients for your prized plants!
  • Encourages worms and soil micro-organisms to grow and thrive – this reduces soil compaction and improves soil nutrition
  • Helps to regulate soil temperature – this keeps your plants stress-free in the spring frost!
  • Bark mulch slowly decomposes, adding important nutrients into your soil.
  • Gives your garden a great appearance
  • Smells great!
If you think Triple Five’s Bark Mulch may be the right product for your home, business, or municipality,

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