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Top 5 Decorative Garden Ideas

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When it comes to planning a garden, many people find it overwhelming. This is why it’s better to stick to the most important details, which we will help you to do with our top five decorative garden ideas.

Every garden, whether large or small, needs certain features to bring out the best use of the designated space. The design of these features is what makes the garden come alive with color and personality. Let us look at some of these key features now.

#1 Seating and Dining Area

As the warm, sunny breezes beckon us to come outdoors, one of the first things we are going to need is a place to sit. It is during the warmer months that people like to entertain outside so the placement of the dining and sitting areas needs to be determined.

Outdoor Sitting LoungeMany people prefer to have the dining area close to the house and usually have decks installed for this purpose: to place the chairs, tables and BBQ. Some other people prefer to take a walk down a garden path and have their meals amongst the flowers. The choice is up to you.

If you choose to have a deck installed it is good to have different levels. This will make the garden seem larger and you can designate certain levels for different things such as container gardening or other features.

Wherever you choose to place your seating area, you will want to make sure that you have some form of barrier or fence to give you some privacy from the neighbors. The newest trend this season is to use a black backdrop. This can be done easily with a coat of black paint against a wall or fence. This makes a lovely compliment to any green foliage or colored flowers. You could add some black containers or pots here and there to bring the whole tone together.

#2 Landscaping

Your landscaping will be dependent on your objectives for the garden. You will need to designate the areas that you want to include for such things as:

  • Flower Gardening
  • Vegetable Gardening
  • Water Features
  • Fire Features
  • Walkways and Garden Paths
  • Quiet Spots

Many people are now making more room for vegetable gardening as it is more economical than buying from the grocery stores and they like the idea of knowing where their produce is coming from. You can choose vegetables or fruit to grow and freeze later when it’s harvested for winter.

Whatever you decide to do you will be needing walkways or pathways to get from one spot to the other. Make allowance for this in your planning.

Colored Water Feature

#3 Water Feature

Another trend, which has sprung up (pun intended), are water features. These can include a pool, a small pond, or a lovely fountain in the middle of the garden. People find the sound of the water is extremely relaxing so you may want to take this into consideration for yourself.

#4 Fire Feature

Fire features can include a built-in fireplace or a fire pit to gather around and keep warm. Make this far enough away from trees and shrubs so as not to cause a problem if it gets windy.

#5 Lighting

Down-lighting, up-lighting and solar lighting can all bring a lovely ambiance to your garden. These will allow you to enjoy your garden and light your pathways when the darkness approaches.

Hopefully, these top five decorative garden ideas have given you some inspiration to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather while it’s here.

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