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Best Bark Mulches & Their Benefits

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There is a variety of different mulches, bark mulch being one of the more preferred mulch for many reasons, one being it is more attractive then other inorganic mulches.

So, what is the hype over bark mulch and how does it help your garden?

Besides that it is an organic matter that enhances your plants nutrients and life, it also gives back to nature.

Mulches are very beneficial to any garden or landscape. They lower the maintenance of your garden by conserving water, which will reduce water cost by 25-50% and provides your plants with moisture if in a drought. Mulch also acts as a personal weed maintenance service by suppressing weed growth. Bark mulch also invites worms and other soil micro-organisms to thrive– this improves soil nutrition. It also helps protect the roots of your plants and trees by keeping them cool even in the hottest months and warmer in the spring and winter months. Bark mulch also provides essential nutrients to the roots to help the fertility of your plants by slowly decomposing so they can grow and flourish. It also adds to your gardens appearance and has a wonderful woody aroma.

How do you know what mulch is best for your flower bed, edible garden, walk way, or other area of your choice? Let’s take a look at a few options…

Something to consider first; is that bark mulches are better used around trees, shrubs, and in garden beds where you wont be digging much, even along a walk way, and around a fountain or pond.
Not all bark mulches are the same or serve the same benefits.

Take note of the few top bark mulches mentioned below:
A few bark mulches to consider would be shredded hardwood bark, it is 100% tree bark that has been shredded and provides the most nutrition for your flower bed or edible garden. Pine bark makes a great mulch to add or used as a base for your potting mixes. A few other types of pine are, shredded pine and composted pine. Aged bark mulch contains 90% of the trees bark, therefore is another healthy and nutrient packed mulch for your most prized flowers. It is ground into fine fibres and wont wash or blow away, it is also a great mulch to use on steep application, if applied properly.  Any mulch will enhance the appearance of your garden bed or landscape, whereas bark mulch provides other benefits. Besides the ones mentioned above hemlock and cedar bark have special benefits.

Hemlock bark is very rich in colour and does not fade, do to the tannins in the hemlock tree, making it a beautiful choice to add boldness to your area. Hemlock bark also has curative properties, such as being high in vitamin C.

Different Types of Mulches

If you are planting an edible garden, cedar and hemlock bark mulch is a great option to improve your veggies or fruits growth and production. Cedar oil found in cedar bark is widely known for its bug repelling properties. Cedar bark is also rot resistant making it active in repelling fungus that is common in other types of bark or wood mulches. Both Cedar and hemlock mulches have a fibrous structure making it interlock, preventing sunlight to reach the weeds seedlings, making them a popular choice for many gardeners. Also, the tiny fibers stay in place on windy or rainy days, making it easier to maintain a more attractive garden.

Now that you have an idea of the few best bark mulch options, all you need to do is choose the right one for your garden.


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G SturrockJuly 7, 2015 at 9:07 pmReply

20 yds. delivered today – looks great and the driver is an “EXPERT” at delivering the goods. Will be back and will recommend
your company to others.

Thank you,

Don and Gale Sturrock

Your NeiboubourMay 13, 2016 at 8:49 pmReply

From price wise and quality, and good delivery charge.
Their bark mulch and composted bark mulch are great price and great products.

However, I bought 5 yards of their top garden soil as well, and it has majar pest problem, In first 4 hours, I saw few thousands of yellow crickets lay their eggs, then poop flies did same things, My garden now are full of this poop flies, They suck on young fruits tree’s leaves resulting yellow spots on leaves and transfer fruit tree virus from tree to tree, not sure what manure they used for their garden soil or I was bad luck with bad batch of soils.